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Terms of service

Accessing our Services confirms your agreement to be bound by the Terms of Service, including the incorporated Privacy Policy. Not all services in these terms may be available in your country.

Non-enforcement of these terms now doesn’t waive our future rights.

We may update these terms for new features, legal reasons, security, or to prevent abuse.

Our Site may have information with errors; we can correct it without notice. These terms apply to all users. If any provision is deemed illegal, other terms remain valid. Specific provisions for US, EU, and UK residents are provided where relevant.

What to expect from us:

Develop, improve, and update TalkStack services, including adding or removing features, modifying usage limits, and offering new services.

Make changes to our services to prevent abuse or harm, respond to legal, regulatory, safety, or security issues, adapt to new technologies, and adjust to changes in licenses, partnerships, or user numbers.

Update our services to comply with relevant laws and regulations, meeting legal safety standards, and automatically addressing high safety or security risks.

Service details:

Provided on an as-is and as-available basis, with continuous updates to keep them working as expected.

No guarantee that our models will always produce the intended output, as machine learning and other factors may lead to errors, mispronunciations, and unintended artifacts.

Site management: We may monitor our services for violations and take appropriate action against those who violate the law or terms.

Actions may include refusing or restricting access, blocking IP addresses, and other measures to protect our rights, property, or ensure proper functioning of our services.

The content you upload and or  generate and your intellectual property

We do not claim Intellectual Property Rights over the content you upload or generate, including voice recordings. We won’t use your uploaded files independently to generate content, and we won’t use your generated content without permission for purposes not specified in the “License and your Intellectual Property” section.

Uploaded content is used for our services and may be used to enhance our models. We prioritize security, processing files automatically, and offering deletion upon request (no data storage service). You can opt-out for content usage for our service improvement via email ( admin@talkstack.ai), effective from the processing date.

Due to machine learning, similar inputs may yield the same output for different users. Responses generated for others are not considered your content.

Your Content remains yours, retaining Intellectual Property Rights. This license covers Contributions and Content protected by Intellectual Property Rights, excluding data protection and publicly available factual information.

Site and Services Availability:

We do not guarantee continuous availability of our Site or Services. Hardware, software, maintenance, or other issues may lead to interruptions, delays, or errors. 

We will provide advance notice of changes that may impact your use of our Services.

We are not liable for any loss, damage, or inconvenience due to downtime or discontinuance of this site or services.

What we expect from you:

While we grant permission to use our Services, we retain all Intellectual Property Rights, including source code, speech recognition and synthesis and response generation capabilities, databases, software, videos, website designs, text, graphics, trademarks, trade names, and logos. Do not copy, reproduce, republish, upload, publicly display, distribute, sell, license, or use any part of our Services for commercial purposes or for developing competing products, models, and services.

You may use Generated Content commercially if you have the necessary intellectual property rights.

Follow these rules when using our Services:

Respect others’ rights, including Intellectual Property Rights, publicity rights, and copyrights.

Do not harm or abuse others or yourself, engaging in misleading, defrauding, illegal impersonation, defamation, threats, bullying, or harassment.

Do not interfere with our Services through malware, spamming, hacking, or bypassing protective measures.

By using our Services, you confirm that:

You have the capacity to agree to these terms.

You are not a minor without parental permission.

You won’t use our Services for illegal purposes.

Your use complies with applicable laws and regulations.

You won’t access our Services through automated means other than our Public API.

Prohibited Activities:

You are solely responsible for the legality of the content you upload to our services. We reserve the right to take action if your content violates the law or our terms. As a user, you agree not to:

  • Violate any national or international law.
  • Infringe upon the rights of others, engage in illegal, threatening, fraudulent, or harmful activities, including discriminatory content.
  • Infringe upon others’ rights, including copyright, right of publicity, or defamation.
  • Fraudulently impersonate others.
  • Exploit or harm minors.
  • Harass, threaten, or promote violence.
  • Trick or mislead, especially for sensitive information.
  • Disable security features or interfere with our services.
  • Engage in automated use, data mining, or extraction tools.
  • Copy our software or attempt to discover source code.
  • Sell or transfer your profile.
  • Harass, annoy, intimidate, or threaten our employees.
  • Improperly use support services or submit false reports of abuse.
  • Harm us or our services in any way.

Moderation Policy

Introduction: This section outlines our policy for addressing illegal, harmful, or Terms of Service violations in user-created content. We are committed to fostering a respectful, safe, and inclusive environment and have established guidelines and a process for reviewing reported violations.

Purpose: Clearly delineating unacceptable content and specifying our actions in response to violations, this policy also outlines procedures for removing infringing content and user accounts.

Content Restrictions:

Abusive Content- Prohibiting content that harasses, threatens, or harms individuals or groups.

Deep Fakes- Creating deceptive or misleading voice clones without explicit consent is not allowed.

Violence and Hate-Strictly prohibiting content that incites violence or promotes hate based on various characteristics.

Other Harmful Content- Prohibiting content that is harmful, disruptive, violates laws, invades privacy, infringes on intellectual property, or promotes illegal activities.

Removing Your Content

If Your Content breaches these terms, violates applicable law, or poses harm to others or TalkStack, we reserve the right to take down all or part of it in accordance with the law. This includes content facilitating human trafficking, harassment, terrorist activities, or infringing on Intellectual Property Rights.

Users must take responsibility for their behavior on the platform and agree to follow the rules, accepting consequences for violations. We strive to create a safe and respectful community by promoting responsible use and enforcing clear consequences for harmful behavior. The policy will be updated periodically to address emerging issues, and users are urged to stay informed and report violations.


You will indemnify TalkStack, its directors, officers, employees, and contractors for any third-party legal proceedings related to your unlawful use of the services or violation of terms. This includes liability, expenses, claims, losses, damages, judgments, fines, litigation costs, and legal fees, to the extent permitted by applicable law.

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